Greenfield Lakes Players Club – FAQ’s


• Who is Supreme Golf?

Supreme Golf is a technology company that develops software and marketing tools to help golf course owners increase revenue and services available to their golfers. In addition to our private and public membership software, Supreme Golf offers the world’s largest inventory of golf course tee times on its Supreme Golf website and app, and for established brands such as CBS Sports,, GolfBook, Golf Digest and others. CBS Interactive is an investor and member of the board of Supreme Golf.

• What is the Supreme Golf Network?

The Supreme Golf Network is a national network of golf courses who offer Supreme Golf’s public subscription membership to their golfers. Golfers who sign up for membership at their home course receive discounts or benefits at golf courses across the U.S. who are also part of the network. National network benefits are included with your membership, so there is no additional charge.

• What is an example of Supreme Golf Network benefits?

If your home course is in San Diego, CA, but you are on vacation or business in Florida, simply look up the available courses in the area and the benefit you will receive as part of your membership. Benefits can include discounts on your tee time, in the pro shop  and restaurant or two free drinks as an example. Remember, you do not pay extra to receive network benefits, they come with your local club’s membership. Enjoy!

Monthly Subscription

• When are my monthly subscription dues charged?

Your dues are charged on the next months anniversary date of your purchase. For example, you purchased your subscription membership on the 10th of July, you will be charged on August 10th of the following month and the 10th of the month there after.

• How do I cancel my subscription membership?

You must give 30 days notice when cancelling, so for example if you decide to cancel on the 20th of the month your membership will cancel the following month on the 19th and you will still be charged for any applicable subscription monthly charges.
You may go into your “my membership” page at any time and cancel your membership.

• How will staff know I am a member?

Once you sign-up your subscription info is automatically entered into the golf courses system. When you check in your profile will list you as a subscription member and you will be charged the applicable subscription green fee. You may if new be asked to see your driver’s license to verify your identity.

• Is my monthly subscription transferrable?

No, your membership is for you only and is not transferrable, nor can it be used by any family members.

• Do I get benefits at other golf courses?

Yes, there will be a SG Network rate available for all subscription members at all participating courses.

How to Purchase

Buy Now

You will be required to create a new account to access the sign-up page.
Once your account is created you will be asked to set up new subscription with name, address,
and credit card info. Once added you will automatically be entered into our system and will have
immediate access to our subscription benefits.

Benefits of Program
• Our program benefits are reduced green fees during different times of the day.
• One medium bucket of range balls per day. Hours are from Open to 6:00pm.
Range balls are not available after 6:00pm
• Other benefits may be added so check back to our website for any changes to our program.